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As you can imagine, the mere accusation of committing a sex crime can have a devastating effect on your life. This includes irreparable harm to your reputation, personal relationships and professional career. If you are convicted of a sex crime, you can face severe criminal penalties, as well as a lifetime registration as a sex offender.  Convictions can occur even when the only evidence is the alleged victim's word, and a conviction of a sex crime can follow you for the rest of your life.

Prosecutors take these types of allegations very seriously.  A complaint by a student, a patient-doctor relationship gone bad, a difficult divorce or even an innocent comment made by a child can all result in potential sex crime charges.  This is why charges of sexual crimes must be taken seriously and defended aggressively. Because of the current political climate, there is a nationwide effort to pursue sexual predators relentlessly. The government has agencies dedicated to these types of crimes, and has spent a large amount of time and money to make convictions on these types of crimes a priority.


Sex crime charges are generally "he said, she said" cases in which the jury must decide between the word of the victim and that of the defendant. The allegations are made even more complex and sensitive when they involve children, who are highly impressionable.  An successful defense often utilizes psychologists, private investigators and computer forensic examiners to achieve the best results for the accused.

One defense strategy is to deny that the alleged sexual act occurred in the first place or that the sexual act did not involve the defendant. DNA and other forensic evidence may be used to support this defense. Another successful strategy is to argue that the alleged act was consensual. This requires skillful maneuvering and tactics by your attorney and may depend strongly on the use of psychologists, character witnesses and expert private investigation services.



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